Branding Workshops at Herosmyth

Ever wonder why some brands seem to "magically" attract fans and customers? Well, it's not magic — it's great branding! We created this workshop to help startups and small businesses learn the 3 critical elements to creating a brand that people love, and in this live training session you'll learn to apply to your brand.

What's included:

  • This version of the 3 Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Brand is a group workshop with entrepreneurs from different companies 
  • We'll unveil the 3 secrets and help you apply them to your business
  • Find out how the world's most successful brands use these 3 secrets to outsmart their competition, and dominate the marketplace 
  • Gain a new and refreshed perspective on your brand with our insight-producing brand exercises (No trust falls, or gimmicky role playing)
  • Get expert tips on transforming key workshop insights into modern marketing techniques that will grow your business

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How can a solid brand grow your business?

  • When you understand your company's value proposition and are able to represent that to your customers through your brand, your company will be better focused and have more actionable goals.
  • Customers will build better long-term relationships with a company that has a brand they can identify with.
  • You can make sure that everything you do is on brand and rest assured that every action is in the best interest of the long term vision of the company.

Praise for 3 Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Brand

Past attendees have called, 3 Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Brand, "A deep dive." and "Direct and focused on helping us identify the foundation of our brand." also saying "We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and left feeling energized!"