5 Unconventional Reasons To Start A Business

Clare Bochy
min read
December 20th, 2022

When starting a business, it is very easy to get caught up in the reasoning behind it.

Which to be honest, is very fair because this eventually leads to your livelihood so you really want to make sure it matches in many aspects. However, I don’t think it’s quite often shared the unconventional reasons to start a business. Sure, society easily shares the more “traditional” reasons like a solution or encouragement from peers. Maybe you see an opportunity, you believe your solution can bring unique value, or simply enjoy learning by taking on new responsibilities

But let’s not forget the terrible reasons to start like you’re running away from something, you want to make millions, or all you really have is an amazing idea. All of these reasons NOT to start a business, however, do not take away from the more unconventional reasons:

Let’s name a few:

Soccer Mom for 15 years

Or maybe a retired engineer, a burnt out nurse, or an aging fireman. Whatever your title once was, could be just the motivation to initiate a new one. It can be extremely hard to go from full time with no time to all the time in the world overnight. Having a plan to start a new adventure could be just what you’re looking for to keep your mind and body in good shape.

Bad knees / Sitting around

Any health injury or really wellness reason could be just what the doctor ordered to help keep the rest of you healthy. Not just speaking on the internal like a healthier body but also external including healthier relationships. When you have some kind of outlet, especially if you’re not mobile or unable to do the things you once could, then you’re less likely to build resentment towards those around you. Which leads to another unconventional reasoning which simply would be for your mental health.

Mental health 

I started a side business making jewelry about three months postpartum. I expressed to my mother at the time that I just wasn’t doing good. The thoughts between my ears weren’t healthy and didn’t feel like “mine.” She knew that if I could start creating, I would start to feel a little bit better. Maybe this hasn’t always been a solution for you growing up but for me it was. Because of this, she sent me a little gift to get started on polymer clay earrings. A year later, and I have been able to take this hobby into a side hustle. It has helped me immensely. The time away to check in and think about other things besides my family was and still is extremely beneficial. So here is the invitation to get started simply to have something else to focus on. It can turn into a new livelihood which most likely something you’ve been looking for deep down.


Whether you make jewelry like myself, get into technology, fitness, or culinary, there is always a community that surrounds that industry. With community comes support, solutions, and another outlet for mental health as well. Starting a business because you’re seeking community is absolutely a valid reason to start. If you’re looking for a new spark of interest, having other people to talk to can not only help with social skills but unlock powers a single person couldn’t attain on their own. You’ll learn more about yourself while learning more about others.

Healing / New Belief in yourself 

When you have a belief in yourself it means you believe you CAN do something and that you have faith in your capabilities that are within reach. You overcome self-doubt and have confidence to take action. Acknowledging your natural abilities gives you grace and avoids unnecessary frustrations. When you start a business, you can’t help but create this new sense of awareness. You start to really become aware of what works for you, feeds your soul, and what doesn’t.  Facing fears head on can be intimidating and yet the step most necessary for personal growth.

All this to `say by the end of reading this, I hope you’ll feel encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and start a business that helps YOU.

Maybe money isn't necessarily the ONLY reason you're in on it but simply for the experience, the connection, and the opportunity to meet new people in your community.