How to Drive Quality Traffic from Facebook to Your B2B Website

Posted by Chad Coleman
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November 7th, 2017

Facebook is so much more than just a place to watch all the cat videos your heart desires...

It's the perfect, free, ever-growing social network for finding and connecting with the right people for your B2B brand.

What is Facebook in a nutshell?

Facebook is a social, or relationship, network. It’s also the mammoth of social media, driving more traffic to businesses’ websites than any other platform out there.  

Just to give you a sense of how massively popular the network is, ponder over these statistics:

  • The Facebook “like” button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times (and counting).
  • There are 2 billion monthly active users, of which there’s an average of 1.13 billion daily active users.
  • The median lifespan of a single post on Facebook is 90 minutes.

graphic of statistics about Facebook

Okay, so the numbers above show us that there are a lot of people who are highly active on the network, but...

Are they the right people for your business?

When you consider that 72% of online users with incomes of more than $75,000 are on Facebook, there are definitely people hanging out on this social media who can afford to buy whatever they need or want, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

Tack on the facts that 79% of American adults who use the internet are on Facebook, and that the highest percentage (13%) of users are millennials (25-34 years old)—the emerging decision makers in companies—and the demographics of the platform start aligning ever more with what we’re trying to utilize the platform for in B2B.

Speaking of which, Facebook is a great place to get noticed as a smaller business, with 40 million active small business pages out of 65 million Facebook business pages in total.

Users are supportive of the businesses they like here, too, with 49% of consumers liking a Facebook page to support a brand.

graphic of Facebook fact about pages

I’d like to make the argument that Facebook is more effective as a marketing strategy supplement for B2B than B2C, especially in the retail and product sector.

Ever since the platform introduced the Marketplace section of the newsfeed, there has been a steady 450 million people buying and selling things on Facebook each month.

Of course, these items tend to be secondhand and such, but it creates a more challenging environment for brands to sell their new, higher-priced items.

Lucky for us, B2B is not affected by this new feature, which makes Facebook ideal for engaging with your ideal audience.

But how do we effectively do that and drive those people back to our site where the real magic happens?

Cinderella magical transformation

Grab yourself a copy of Chapter 4: Facebook from our ebook series The Savvy Marketer’s Playbook for Driving Social Traffic to Your Website: B2B Edition to learn the secrets to success and using Facebook to the max!

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to engage on Facebook through...
  1. Sharing links
  2. Publishing Instant Articles
  3. Sharing videos
  4. Participating in Facebook groups
  5. Conducting polls
  6. Hosting events
  • How to optimize your Facebook efforts by...
  1. Beefing up your brand’s business page
  2. Posting at the right frequency and time
  3. Enhancing your post captions
  4. Utilizing engaging hashtags
  5. Uploading ideal image sizes
  • How to advertise on Facebook

So, are you ready to become a Facebook marketing aficionado?