Spring Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Clare Bochy
min read
March 8th, 2023

The birds are chirping and it is only a faint reminder that spring is right around the corner which makes for a great time to get creative with your marketing all while maximizing your efforts! 

Keeping it simple let’s jump right into ideas that will help you see positive ROI all season long:

Spring clean old products and services

We’re closing in on the end of the first quarter and have you noticed any patterns with the services you offer? It’s possible that what worked at the end of Q4 is not hitting the mark for this year's Q1. Spring is a great time to reflect on your services and see if the focus can shift to other options that have proven to be successful.

Refresh your entire website

While cleaning out old services and promotions on your website, it would be wise to keep an eye out on misspelled words and grammatical errors on your pages. Be sure your images have image captions that include target keywords. If this pertains to your business, updating COVID regulations can be an easy fix while updating the rest. Here at Herosmyth, we cannot only verify that your website is functioning properly but collaborate on a new design that will attract ideal customers.

Create a special spring promotion with a limited-time offer

One idea for creating a special spring promotion with a limited-time offer could be to offer a free product or service upgrade with the purchase of a higher-priced item. For example, if someone buys a higher-priced item, they could receive a free upgrade to a premium version of the product or service. This could be a great way to entice customers to make a purchase this spring! Another idea could be to offer a limited-time discount on all purchases made during a certain period. This could be another great way to reward customers for their loyalty and encourage them to make a purchase within a certain time frame. Lastly, you could also offer a bundle deal for a limited-time where customers can get a certain number of products or services for a discounted price. This could be a great way to incentivize your customers to purchase multiple items this spring. Theme ideas for the promotions could focus around taking care of the planet, a local charity, mother’s day, and gardening just to name a few. 

Change out your CTAs

CTA can make a huge impact on your paid advertising as it points potential customers to what action you want them to take. If your ads have had “Learn More” about scheduling an assessment in the winter months but now your books are filling, there is the option to change it to “Book Now”  To make sure your CTA's are effective, try to make them as clear and concise as possible. Guarantee they are easy to spot and include action words that motivate users to click. You should also test different colors, shapes, and sizes to find what works best for your audience.

Partner with relevant businesses

Rohan Ayyar of E2M explains, “Spring is a good time for restaurants, florists and travel businesses. See if you can partner with brands in any of these areas and build some extra brand awareness and reach for yourself.”  If not in your local community, reach out to influencers and bloggers in your industry to help spread the word. Check out podcasts that have spaces for advertisement.  Offer tailored promotional packages that include special discounts, exclusive content, and other unique benefits. We believe your partnership will help both of you reach your goals and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sponsor a local sports team

Kraska says, “Lots of sports teams re-start their season in the Spring. If your ideal client is a busy mother shuttling her kids from one game to another or a running enthusiast, sponsoring a team or an event might be a good Spring marketing strategy for your business.”   You can show support by providing financial support by making a one-time donation to help cover expenses or provide ongoing support for the team. If your business has the ability to provide the team with equipment such as bats, balls, or uniforms, this would be a great way to show your support. Another way would be to host a fundraiser through a dinner or silent auction and donate all of the proceeds to the team.

Promote your environmental and sustainability efforts

You can create a blog or website to showcase your green initiatives. This can help you reach a wider audience and help spread the word about your contributions to the environment. Using that blog, you can create a social media campaign around your green initiatives. Try to get your customers and employees involved by encouraging them to post about your projects. Similarly, partner with local organizations that are dedicated to environmental protection. This will help you build relationships with like-minded people and organizations. You could also host an event in your community to bring awareness to your initiatives. Invite members of the local government, press, and other organizations to join you and help spread the word about your efforts. And lastly, look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Consider implementing energy-efficient practices at your business, or reducing your paper usage.