Why Email Marketing is Important To Small Businesses

Clare Bochy
min read
March 2nd, 2022

Like everyone else, I don’t appreciate the overwhelming amount of emails that I receive from various businesses.

In fact, it’s quite daunting to think if I should utilize email marketing for my very own small business selling jewelry. 

A Man with long hair shaking his head with his mouth wide open.


So I asked Chad Coleman, Founder of Herosmyth, if I could chat with him about email marketing and why it holds so much value as a business owner. As the marketing coordinator at Herosmyth I help with their email marketing, but can’t seem to utilize it for my own personal business.

I was extremely grateful when he agreed to sit down with me over Zoom and tell me a little more about it.


Chad starts the conversation off by giving the example of a seminar he attended not too long ago that helped him understand the importance of email marketing better. The host and marketing professional asked the audience “Who uses Instagram?” and 15 out of 25 or so raised their hand. He asked the question around Facebook and 12 out of 25 raised their hand.  Then he asked the audience "how many of you use email?"... 


Everyone raised their hand.

Gym full of people raising their hands


Let’s take a moment and think about that.

Whether you do or don’t have a smartphone, you have an email. For a library membership, to social media accounts, or utility services, there is a good chance no matter where you go, everyone in the room has an email.

That’s extremely powerful.

Now I had heard and utilized it a little bit in the past with my own social media accounts but Chad and I both came to the conclusion that social media can only provide so much information. You might have created something really great but the chances of them not seeing it is high unless you put money behind the post. Information is constantly being posted onto people’s feeds which leads to your information being lost.

With email, however, people have the opportunity to choose to sit down and absorb what you have to say.

“It’s a really great opportunity to get in front of your customers at a time when they are available. And if you use email to really provide value to them, you can create something that they want and look forward to receiving it.” - Chad

This led me to one of my beefs with email marketing and that’s coming off too spammy.

Chad made it simple. “Don’t be spammy then.”

Value > “Salesy” 

It’s really that easy. The emails should be anticipated by your customers because anticipate to the opportunity to indulge your information. Give them something to look forward to and they are more likely to not only use your services but forward your information on to someone else who might need you. 

Once a month minimum.

Once a week maximum.

This is what Chad suggests your email marketing schedule to look like. It would be challenging to provide worthwhile information any more than that. You’ll also see the numbers start to rise in your “unsubscribe” insights which is another red flag to look out for. 

I absolutely take this part for granted as a small business owner, as Chad explained the ROI.

Data doesn't lie, multiple studies on email marketing have shown — for every $1 you spend on marketing, typically, you get $40 back. -Chad

Even if you mostly emailing your current customers, this keeps you top of mind, which leads to them remembering to refer you to their friends and family. A mortgage lender Herosmyth is currently working with receives two to three leads every time he sends out his newsletter.


Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll

Is email marketing expense?

It has a 4,000% ROI because most email platforms start off free. Until you build up to 1,000 emails will you be charged. Most start at premium models which is amazing for small business owners. But by the time you have to pay that database should already be providing sales and leads you're looking for. 

By the end of the conversation I realized it’s a low hanging fruit.

To wrap this up

Email marketing is an essential and easy tool to build a trust worthy relationship with not only your current customers but potential ones as well. Social media is great, but it can get expensive if you’re putting money behind the valuable information you're to ensure arrives to your customers. With email marketing, your customers set time aside to take in what you have to share,  and choose if it’s worth it to them to reach back out OR send the information to other potential customers.

If you ask me, it’s an easy networking tool to utilize if you don’t overthink it and with the help of Herosmyth, it’s even far less intimidating to tackle.