Google Ads Training Class in Denver at Herosmyth

Book a session with a Google Ads professional to start using Google Search to reach customers looking for what you offer. We will guide you to create a plan and budget to get the most out of a search strategy.

What’s included

  • Collaborate with a professional on your ad
  • Learn key components for a successful search campaign specific to your business model.
  • Get an overview of the Google Ads platform
  • Learn how to effectively run a basic Google Ads campaign 
  • Understand Search, Display Ads, Shopping Ads and more
  • Set goals for well performing campaigns

Why advertise with Google?

Search advertising is often the most powerful way to find customers for your company. If somebody is taking the time to actively search for something that involves keywords that reach your business, they have already proven interest and will likely convert if you provide the value they are looking for. It is important, however, to make sure you are targeting the correct keywords in the right way that you only reach searchers who will find value in your business.

How can Google help your business grow?

When you are able to reach the right audience, perform well on Google, and discover keywords that are highly searched for, Google is one of the fastest ways to build leads, make sales and grow awareness for your brand.