Pay Per Click Keyword Research at Herosmyth

Book a session with a digital search engine expert to begin learning best practices for keyword research. Start understanding how keyword research is relevant to the advertising strategies you are already putting to use. Working with one of our experts will expedite the process and put your money to use more efficiently and ensure you are set up properly to take advantage of everything proper keyword use has to offer.

What’s included

  • Learn good strategies and effective ways to find relevant keywords
  • Begin to integrate high quality keywords into your website and content
  • Plan advertisements around the keywords that resonate with your brand 
  • Collaborate directly with a search marketing expert 

Why is using keywords important?

Keywords tell the internet what your company does and where it is relevant. It is important to make sure your content is structured properly and the terms that represent your business are present where they're most likely to be useful. Web assets like video and photos cannot be searched by Google in the same way text can, so using proper keywords to represent these assets is necessary to rank on Google for your customers to find you.

How do keywords affect my business?

Google searches the content of every website on the internet to make sure it appears in relevant searches. When you use unique keywords in your copy, you are giving Google something to filter your website with. Making sure the terms you use are competitive is important, as well as making sure it is content your customers are actively searching for.